Elastic Recurrence


From all directions gravity pulls on the shards of a breaking dinner plate. While the pieces of the plate expand into space, elastic strings try to draw them back together. A self-replicating cycle of falling and retracting follows from the dead center position of each piece. Even though this expansion of matter appears to be never ending, the new connections seem to unify all the fragments into a recollection of the initial form.


Johan Rijpma

Johan Rijpma (1984) is a visual artist based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, in his work he forms creative collaborations with often simple subjects from his daily surroundings in an experimental and playful way. Within his systematic and analytic procedures he reflects on the relationship between his own presumed control and the unpredictability of everyday life. Video, animation and photography are primarily the means by which he creates and captures unusual, seemingly simple but often meticulous processes. Johan studied Image and Media Technology at the Utrecht School of Arts and his work has received multiple awards and is internationally screened and exhibited.



Director:Johan Rijpma
2017 / Netherlands / 0:02:02