Welcome to the hub airport of animation

This autumn, the New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2017 will screen animated films from all around the world at the terminal building of New Chitose Airport, which connects Hokkaido with the rest of the world.

The festival was launched in 2014 as the first festival ever held inside an airport’s terminal building. The festival’s third edition last year received more than 1,200 film entries, which drew more than 31,000 attendance as well as Japanese and international guests.

In an attempt to build international recognition for the festival, more interesting programs are prepared that will enhance the charm of animation. Sought-after guests are invited and contents are developed to connect more widely with various cultures and aspects of entertainment. In this way, guests attending the festival will meet new opportunities and learn up-to-date information.

The venue, the terminal building of the airport, has not only a movie theater but also a huge exhibition space, accommodations, spa, and other facilities. The festival brings activity to these facilities. As such, this animation festival is distinct for being held inside an airport.

By establishing a base to invite people from Asian countries and promoting the festival, the New Chitose Airport aims to expand its influence not only domestically but also internationally. We believe that this attempt will contribute to the entire prefecture of Hokkaido in terms of cultural wealth, economy, and human exchange.

For the purposes of the festival, the program this year will contain a wide variety of spectacles, including an international competition for short animation (the main event), screening of invited films, and holding of master classes and lectures by domestic and international guests.

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival Committee