SPECIAL JURY FOR Music Animation Competition

Keita Kurosaka


After debuting with the short film METAMORPHOSE WORKS No.2(1984), Kurosaka develops various creative activities with making animation as the main axis. His films have been awarded at many festivals like in Annecy and Ottawa. His first feature film MIDORI-KO (2010), made with pencil drawings, were shown all over the world. He directed and animated music videos for DIR EN GREY: AGITATED SCREAMS OF MAGGOTS (2006) and RINKAKU (2012). Now Kurosaka is now focusing on making a series of abstract animation films like MATIERICA (2016) and doing a performance of improvised animation with musicians. Professor of the department of imaging arts and sciences at Musashino Art University.


David OReilly


David OReilly (b. Ireland, 1985) is a filmmaker and artist based in Los Angeles. Creator of the influential short films ‘Please Say Something’ and ‘The External World’, his animation work has won numerous awards and been the subject of several international retrospectives. He has lectured at Pixar, Harvard, Yale, USC, CalArts and at many other conferences and festivals around the world. He has written for Adventure Time & South Park, and created fictional video games in Spike Jonze’s Academy Award winning film ‘Her’.


Shishi Yamazaki


Visual artist known for her original style of creating Rotoscope animation using Watercolor Painting. Her works have been used in promotions for world-renowned brands like CHANEL, PRADA, Shiseido and have gained recognition internationally for her artwork. Her original animation, YA-NE-SEN a Go Go, and Yamasuki, Yamazaki has also won numerous awards and made a major sensation worldwide. Shishi continues to express her creativity in various forms like “Mask”, an art project of drawing a new Mask every single day, which has been carried on for the last seven years.