Japan Competition

Nov 3rd 10:10〜 Theater 2 / Nov 4th 20:35〜 Theater 1


2017 / Japan / 0:03:38

Since this song was a theme song of a TV drama and the lyrics was based on its story, this music video tries to follow it: depicting each residences' episodes living in an apartment at night. It would be fun to imagine how the punchlines of each details will be. Maybe they should be different from what you imagine.

  • Director : WHOPPERS



2017 / Japan / 0:04:00

I found a very interesting story while reading Katsuhiko Kamimura’s “Myths of India”. it had both poesy and gag-like episodes. Long ago, the mountains had wings. The flew around, and when they fell to the ground the earth shook with a great sound…

  • Director : Naoyuki Tsuji


2017 / Japan / 0:05:59

The history of this city has been led by the development of factories. The chimney is the pivot around which the city revolves.

  • Director : Maki Satake



2017 / Japan / 0:03:00

Self-replicating entities that have evolved on different planets merge and proliferate exponentially. In search of more energy sources, they consume other stars.

  • Director : Ryotaro Miyajima


here AND there

2017 / Japan / 0:03:52

Here and there, there and here. One early summer day, trivial incidents occur in three landscapes.

  • Director : Komitsu


Manami Kakudo ”I Can See It From The Window”

2017 / Japan / 0:04:24

Music video for Manami Kakudo's Madokara Mieru (What You Can See from the Window)

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  • Director : Issei Yamagata


Mad Love

2017 / Japan / 0:03:16

Drawing "Mad Love" by pastel. (Music: Keita Sano)

  • Director : Ryoji Yamada



2017 / Japan / 0:04:33

Visualization of the sound and voice. Music video for Bulse by satomimagae.

  • Director : Akihito Nonoue


Self-Honest Me

2017 / Japan / 0:04:56

One day the protagonist watches a movie with friends. She finds the film to be boring and reveals her discontent, but somehow nobody agrees with her.

  • Director : Kazuki Sekiguchi


Special Favorite Music ”Royal Memories”

2017 / Japan / 0:05:00

Music video of a song of Special Favorite Music, “Royal Memories”. A woman with a red handkerchief stands on the beach. A fisher man goes fishing and there he picks up someone’s various memories and emotions of all sorts of times. They go to places where they were and will be.

  • Director : Masaki Okuda

Chromosome Sweetheart

2017 / Japan / 0:04:55


An ex-couple in a café, a girl sucking on her girlfriend's hair, a running woman, a fleeing town, a little girl walking along the river. In this world, there are as many forms of love as there are people.

  • Director : Honami Yano


Balance of Mind

2016 / Japan / 0:05:25

"I’ve seen it. He whose flesh denies him has seen it. She who has a terrified secret to her love ones has seen it. We felt all differently. Now I am not sure. If I could see the sound of their heart bests, what I will see and how my heart beats."

  • Director : Ryota Takahashi


100% Electrical

2017 / Japan / 0:14:00

Visual artist Yoko YUKI talks to music producer Foodman about her trip to Thailand in a public bath (SENTO). As she remembers the past and gets dizzy in the bathtub, her memory changes into music.

  • Director : Yoko Yuki