Music Animation Competition

Nov 3nd 15:00〜 Theater 1 / Nov 4th 15:50〜 4F Oasis Park

Siamese Cats "I've got to take the laundries in"

2016 / Japan / 0:04:28

A Rock band SIAMESE CATS's first full-length animation music video. A road movie depicting the adventure of "Mushi (insect) kun" going through the town, desert, the universe (!), giving a new interpretation to the strong lyrics of the same song "I have to take in the laundry". Made by "WHOPPERS". This is the first tag in this unit with Sanuki Naoya and Zukku who worked on a record jacket and merchandize design of SIAMESE CATS in the past. It is their first work of an animation full of humor and freshness.

  • Director : Naoya Sanuki


Whitney "Polly"

2016 / United States / 0:03:00

A man walks back home, arriving at his dark apartment.

  • Director : Sarina Nihei


idesia "Ain't Over"

2017 / United States / 0:03:06

AIN'T OVER is an experimental music video of consciousness through indigo hues; a young woman discovers strength in an internal world while daydreaming on a train. Animated dreamscapes overlaid on dyed canvas merge geometric and organic forms. Combined with layered analog synths, bass, and ethereal vocals, Ain't Over evokes themes of persistence, yearning, and memory.

  • Director : Kelsey Boncato


skirt "undercurrent"

2017 / Japan / 0:03:58

The music video of skirt "Undercurrent".

  • Director : que


Young Marco "Trippy Isolator"

2017 / Netherlands / 0:03:35

The song is divided in parts. Every part is turned into a scene. Every scene is made up of a pile of paintings.Every pile/scene has its own ‘recipe’, or set of rules. The beginning and ending of every scene within the song is exactly timed. Every thing happening in between a scene is left to chance. The themes of the different scenes are not related to the music.

  • Director : Rop van Mierlo


Tamaki Roy "The State of Things"

2017 / Japan / 0:03:52

Movie for Tamaki ROY’s “Koto no Shidai.” "Words turn into music / And it returns to sound, then melts in time and place / Time and place, which spin the story"

  • Director : Ryo Orikasa


Syd Barrett "Effervescing Elephant"

2017 / France / 0:02:09

Tittle-tattle from an effervescing elephant with tiny eyes and a great big trunk.

  • Director : Yoann Hervo


2017 / France / 0:03:57

Dolly and Silvio are in love for ever.

  • Director : Ugo Bienvenu

Awesome Beetle’s Colors

2016 / Latvia / 0:03:12

"Awesome Beetle’s Colors” is a 3.13 minutes long, fun and educative plasticine animation. The story goes: Awesome Beetles Color Dirty Elephant. Five Gorgeous Hippopotamuses Inspire the Jaguar. Kangaroos Like Marmelade. Naughty Octopuses Photograph the Queen. The Royal Spider Teaches an Unhappy Vampire. Wariors X-ray a Yellow Zebra. A nearly impossible story, supported by a catchy melody, guides us through the ABCs. There are many letters in the Alphabet and in the process of learning they are usually linked to nouns. We have created a link between all the letters of the Alphabet using nouns, adjectives and verbs. But most importantly -we also offer visual, audial and kinesthetic associations that help children in the process of learning.

  • Director : Indra Sproge


Land without Evil

2017 / Argentina, Hungary / 0:03:50

Throughout history people have always been searching for a perfect place. This shortfilm, based on Guaraní mythology (Tierra sin mal), offers another point of view on paradise: what if the real paradise is inside us and lies in the harmony and unity of everything alive?

  • Director : Katalin Egely


Se So Neon "A Long Dream"

2017 / Germany、 South Korea / 0:04:25

Forgetting he is a bird, a boy works at a construction space. Music video for Korea-based band Se So Neon's A Long Dream.

  • Director : Hoji Tsuchiya

Our Destiny

2017 / Chile / 0:03:58

The ghost of a recently deceased man want to go back to his loved one.

  • Director : Marcos Sanchez


River of Death

2017 / United States / 0:10:50

From the ashes of a riverbed springs new life.

  • Director : Caleb Wood