Animation Masterclass: Anna Budanova

Nov 4th 16:40~ Theater3


Anna Budanova, who won the Grand Prix at New Chitose last year with her film Among the Black Waves, now became a representative figure in contemporary animation scene in Russia, together with the debut film The Wound. Her films remind us of traditional Russian animation whose strong point is hand-drawing graphics that have a human touch but her style has coolness in her storytelling? How has been her animation style formed? Together with Budanova’s past works, the program shows animation works that strongly influenced her. After screening, the filmmaker talks about the secrets of her works.



Boris Labbe
France / 2015 / 11′ 25′


Paul Cabon
France / 2009 / 4′ 40′

Le Retour

Natalia Chernysheva
France / 2013 / 1′ 27′


David Coquard-Dassault
France / 2015 / 12′ 20′

Two Sisters

Caroline Leaf
Canada / 1991 / 10′ 00′

The Wound

Anna Budanova
Russia / 2013 / 9′ 00′

Among the Black Waves

Anna Budanova
Russia / 2016 / 11′ 10′


Anna Budanova

Born in Yekaterinburg (Russia), Anna Budanova studied animation at the Ural State University of Architecture and Art and has worked as an animator on various films. In 2013, she directed her first short, The Wound, which received more than 20 international awards. In 2015, her project Among the Black Waves was selected by the Japan Image Council for its artists residence. Premiere of the ready film took place at 69 Locarno Film Festival. Anna Budanova is currently living and working in France.