Asia Showcase

Nov 3rd 14:10〜 Theater 2

The Pear

2016 / China / 0:06:25

The animation short,The Pear, is adapted from a story of the same title from Strange Stories From A Chinese Studio by Pu Songlin. An aphorism by Lao-tzu, “Excessive hoarding always leads to heavy loss”, is what truly lies behind the story. A taoist priest felt thirsty and begged a countryman for one of the pears he was selling. The latter refused. Then the priest cast a spell, poured a pip into the soil, and finally turned it into a pear tree. All its fruits were given away to the crowd, when the priest asked for nothing and left the countryman astonished by the fact that all that had been given away were his own pears and the tree was made from the handles of his barrow.




2016 / China / 0:03:30

The soldier wants to make love to the statue of Venus. But first he has to break her leg.

  • Director : Shen Jie

What Is Your Brown Number?

2016 / India / 0:04:31 / Nilima Eriyat

The film talks about how in India everyone wants to be light skinned, and how there is a sense of idealism and beauty associated with fair skin, whereas it is negativity and repulsion that is associated with dark skin.

  • Director : Vinnie Ann Bose

Watachiga nakou Hototogisu

2017 / Japan / 0:07:16 / ONIONSKIN

Jun TOGAWA singer's 35th anniversary commemorative work, "I will cry, Hototogisu" MV.

  • Director : Chinami Taniguchi


2017 / Japan / 0:06:35

Her husband was a clone. In the future world, earth's environment was completely destroyed and people lived underground. The clones worked instead of human. She decided to go up on earth's surface to find his past.

  • Director : Kurumi Hakamata


I like ducks

2017 / Japan / 0:07:40

On a sunny afternoon, a middle-aged man takes a walk to meet his favorite duck.

  • Director : Q-rais


2016 / Japan / 0:08:54

Based on a book The Man of Jasmine.

  • Director : Tatsuhiro Ariyoshi


/ Taiwan / 0:06:07

Neon is a type of gas that is colorless, tasteless,and odorless.When it is put into a glass tube and electrically stimulated,it generates orange neon light.The scientist find it very intriguing and dazzling, and it is thus named “neon”which represents newness.We interpret love with the concept of neon.

  • Director : PAN、SZ-YU

You are my sunshine

2016 / South Korea / 0:08:52 / 1985 Born in Korea.

In the midst of losing a loved one, the attempt to live a happy and meaningful life, the way your loved one would want you to.

  • Director : HANGBO Saebyul

A Branch of a Pine Is Tied up

2017 / Japan / 0:16:33 / 有限会社TMC

The twins separated by Tsunami. The snow globe connects the present and the past. While going back and forth between the present and past, the dead twin girl gets her memories back. The moon overlaps the sun and the past connects to the reality.  The rabbit lead the girl remembers all her memory to the land of the dead.

  • Director : Tomoyasu Murata