What Is Your Brown Number?


The film talks about how in India everyone wants to be light skinned, and how there is a sense of idealism and beauty associated with fair skin, whereas it is negativity and repulsion that is associated with dark skin.


Vinnie Ann Bose

Ms. Vinnie Ann Bose is a graduate student from National Institute of Design (India) specializing in Animation Film Design. Her graduation film “ What Is Your Brown Number” was sponsored by Studio Eeksaurus, a well-reputed production house in India and was executed under the guidance of the renowned Animator/Director Suresh Eriyat. In a country like India where there are multitude of cultures, languages and traditions mingling with each other, there is a peculiar story in every nook and corner waiting to be told. One such story is “ What Is Your Brown Number “. She is one storyteller, striving to bring more such stories to life.


Director:Vinnie Ann Bose
2016 / India / 0:04:31 / Nilima Eriyat