International Competition 2

Nov 3rd 11:50〜 Theater 1 / Nov 4th 12:50〜 Theater 3


2016 / United States / 0:07:00

Stranded on an alien planet, two scavengers go to great lengths to relive their past lives.

  • Director : Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner

The Last Eye

2016 / Switzerland / 0:09:30


Nature is witness to the thriving life of 3 species dwelling in its soil, sky and waters in equilibrium. This ecosystem goes adrift when its most insignificant members find, by chance, a way to rebel…

  • Director : Xavier Ducry


Time Rodent

2016 / France / 0:14:30


In a distant future where the night has devoured the day, the inhabitants of a mutating world feed exclusively on artificial light.

  • Director : Ondřej Švadlena

Six God Alphabet Peter

2016 / United Kingdom / 0:06:43


"please wake up peter. please wake up. you need to learn your alphabet now peter."

  • Director : Peter Millard

Out in the Open

2017 / Australia / 0:10:44


When you spend fifty years of your life waking up to work before dawn, just what are you getting up for? Out In The Open tells the story of a trader’s struggle to stay relevant in a changing world. Using stop-motion animation and sound, co-directors Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine have created a surreal, imagined future where age-old tradition has been left behind. Animated puppets and miniature models narrate a hidden side of the market and the deep relationship a trader has with his place of work. Ultimately, Knowles and Sowerwine ask audiences to contemplate: what exactly is being sold?

  • Director : Isobel Knowles & Van Sowerwine



2016 / Japan, Netherlands / 0:02:00

In this hand drawn animation a line is being extrapolated through a grid. When the line surpasses the boundaries of the grid, the process spreads to and reflects on its surroundings. Beyond each boundary the extrapolation of movement is causing deformation in a systematic but speculative way. This work was created with support from “Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2016″ part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan (Bunka-cho) “Project to invite overseas creators of media arts 2016” and the Mondriaan Fund.

  • Director : Johan Rijpma


Elastic Recurrence

2017 / Netherlands / 0:02:02

From all directions gravity pulls on the shards of a breaking dinner plate. While the pieces of the plate expand into space, elastic strings try to draw them back together. A self-replicating cycle of falling and retracting follows from the dead center position of each piece. Even though this expansion of matter appears to be never ending, the new connections seem to unify all the fragments into a recollection of the initial form.

  • Director : Johan Rijpma



2016 / Spain, France / 0:07:00


A trip towards abstraction, as an hypothesis on how mountains might have been formed.

  • Director : Boris Labbé

Pattern Language

2017 / United States / 0:10:30


’Pattern Language’ is a term coined by architect Christopher Alexander to quantify the aliveness of certain human ambitions through an index of structural patterns. Some advocates of this design approach claim that ordinary people can use it to successfully solve very large, complex design problems. In this film, highly organized and richly layered patterns move in accordance with audio frequencies and rhythms, towards the construction of an endlessly mutating labyrinth.

  • Director : Peter Burr


Echo Chamber

2016 / Japan / 0:12:00

Cy Twombly, Roland Barthes, what are they doing? This is a journal about seductions and sufferings of the text.

  • Director : Ryo Orikasa